Latest updates

1. Upload Files Button   2020-01-27

2. NB Figletize   2020-01-21

3. Twig Linter   2020-01-20

4. jVi for NB Update Center   2020-01-14

5. NetBeans CSV Editor   2020-01-04

Found 7 plugins.

Plugin Categories Description

NetBeans CSV Editor

ArtifactId: netbeans-csv-editor     5

Author: Dragan Bjedov

License: GNU General Public License, version 3

Editing   NetBeans Plugin for editing CSV files

NB Figletize

ArtifactId: nb-figletize     7

Author: Alessandro Falappa

License: Apache License 2.0

NB 11.0 - Verified

Editing  Fun Stuff   NetBeans IDE plugin to create text banners with FIGlet fonts.

NB SpringBoot

ArtifactId: nb-springboot-plugin     4

Author: Alessandro Falappa

License: Apache License 2.0

Productivity  Enterprise Applications   NetBeans IDE plugin for developing with Spring Boot and the Spring framework.

Codename One NetBeans Plugin

ArtifactId: codename1-nbm     5

Author: Steve Hannah


Mobile Applications   Codename One is a toolkit that allows you to easily build beautiful cross-platform apps targeting iOS, Android, and the web using Java or Kotlin.

Twig Linter

ArtifactId: nb.twiglinter     5

Author: Sergey Bobrov

License: GNU GPL 2.0

Editing  Utilities   Integrate php twig linter ( with NetBeans IDE.

Upload Files Button

ArtifactId: nb.uploadfilesbutton     4

Author: Sergey Bobrov

License: GNU GPL 2.0

NB 11.0 - Verified

Productivity  Utilities   Adds a button to the panel and a menu item to switch the automatic upload of files for remote projects.

jVi for NB Update Center

ArtifactId: nb-uc     9

Author: errael

License: Mozilla Public License Version 1.1

NB 11.0 - Verified

Editing   This plugin installs an update center so that jVi, vi/vim clone, can be installed.
  • After installing, there is a pause while the plugin manager retrieves the jVi update center information.
    First you may need to click "Check for Updates".
  • Then select the "Available Plugins" tab. From the Editing category, install jVi.